RapidRun Optical Fiber Pulling Eye 60155


RapidRun Optical is our leanest-longest, fastest-strongest RapidRun product yet! Designed to be the standard for in-wall audio/video installations, it boasts distances of up to 1000 feet, an 18Gbps bandwidth, and a diameter of just a half inch. When installing fiber cabling, the correct pulling eye is essential to ensure the protection of the internal fibers.

  • Used for pulling Fiber cabling/runner cables in wall
  • Easy to use and quick to assemble
  • specifications

    Dimension Info
    Primary Package Weight U S: 4.8000000000000001E-2
    General Info
    Product Series: RapidRun Optical
    Type: RapidRun Optical Fiber Pulling Eye


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    RapidRun Optical 60155