150ft RapidRun Optical Runner Cable 60124


RapidRun Optical is our leanest-longest, fastest-strongest RapidRun product yet! Designed to be the standard for in-wall HDMI audio/video installations, it boasts distances of up to 1000 feet, an 18Gbps bandwidth, and a diameter of just a half inch. Using pre-terminated break-away flying leads and wall plates with an in-wall runner ensures flexible, efficient, high quality connections for all types of equipment, with no field terminations. Utilize this Plenum, OFNP-Rated fiber runner cable for in-wall installations that require the highest in-wall ratings. Supports up to a 4k resolution at up to 1000 feet, while providing enough bandwidth to serve the audio/video needs of commercial applications from classrooms to lecture halls and auditoriums to boardrooms for years to come.


Connectorized Info
Min Bend Radius: 5mm
Jacket Rating: OFNP (Plenum)
Cord Length U S: 150'
Dimension Info
Primary Package Weight U S: 3.3
General Info
Product Series: RapidRun Optical
Type: RapidRun Optical Runner Cables
Color: Black


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RapidRun Optical 60118