Equipment Shelf, Solid, 19" Mounting, 15.50"D OR-ES-19-3B


Equipment Shelf, Solid,19" Mounting, works with 3" and 6" Channel Racks, 17.38"W x 3.5"H x 15.50"D, Black


•Adjustable mounting:Works with either a 3" or 6" channel rack.
•Holds up to 150 lbs:Ideal for mounting large CPUs, monitors, power supplies, laser printers or any other equipment needing extra support.
•Four point mounting : Additional equipment support.


Dimension Info
Depth Metric: 394 mm
Depth U S: 15.50"
Height Metric: 89 mm
Width Metric: 441 mm
Rack Units: 2
Width U S: 17.38"
Height U S: 3.50"
General Info
Type: Shelves
Features: Solid
Color: Black
Listing Agency Info
RoH S: Yes
Eco Information
RoHS Conformant: Yes
RoHS Conformant


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Equipment Shelf, Solid, 19", OR-ES-19-3B