MM20 4-Post Rack, 42"D adjustable, 7'H, 45 RU, punched 3/8" square OR-MM20742ADJ38-X


Mighty Mo 20 4-post racks provide greater flexibility and optimum efficiency in any data center. The fixed racks provide an economical mounting platform for switches and servers while the adjustable rack allows all 4 mounting rails to be adjusted even after the rack has been fastened to the floor. Front and rear waterfalls allow for equipment patching and server patching. All styles of Mighty Mo 20 vertical managers can be mounted front or rear and airflow baffles can be mounted to manage the airflow of side breathing equipment.

Note: Static capacity 2,000 lbs. Assembly required. Replace the "X" tail code with "B" for black or "W" for white.

  • Front profile matches the Mighty Mo 20 channel racks and the rear has an additional waterfall for server cable routing: Provides a unified, streamlined look throughout the row of racks and allows both styles to share vertical management.
  • The mounting rails adjust from 12.5" to 36" or 42" depending on rack size, independent of the structural members: Allows the rails to be adjusted after the rack is installed.
  • Choice of vertical management can be mounted front or rear: A solution for every application; vertical cable management cage with individual rack unit fingers and hinged slam latch door, vertical cage with individual rack unit fingers and snap on covers, vertical cage with hinged latches, and individual cable management rings.
  • Built-in top trough with waterfalls: Front and rear gives bend radius control and cable routing.
  • Rack includes two packages of hook and loop D-style straps and 50 #12-24 cage nuts and screws: Do not have to purchase as separate items; money saving.


App Install Info
Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
Assembly Required: Yes
Dimension Info
Depth U S: 52
Diameter Metric:
Height Metric: 2.1844 m
Height: 86"
Width Metric: 603.25 mm
Rack Units: 45
Length Metric:
Width U S: 23.75"
Height U S: 86"
Capacity Weight U S: 2000 lbs
General Info
Product Series: Mighty Mo 20
Type: Cable Management Racks
Component Type: 4-Post Rack
Color: (B)lack or (W)hite
Listing Agency Info
RoH S: Yes
Technical Info
Static Load Capacity: 2,000 lb
Patent No: 8,130,494 and 8,256,181
Buy American Act Status: Buy American Act Compliant
Eco Information
RoHS Conformant: Yes
LEED Contributor: Yes
LEED ContributionRoHS Conformant


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Mighty Mo 20 Adjustable 4-Post Rack