Front and Rear Organizer, 1.75"H x 1.75"D horizontal rings, 2 RU OR-HFM-19-2SR


Combination Organizer-Front/Rear, 1.75"H x 1.75"D horizontal rings and 1.75" W x 1.75" D vertical rings front; rear rings 2.5" H x 1.62" D, 2 rack unit, 3.5" H x 19" W, Black


•Simultaneously organizes both rear horizontal cables and front patch cords:Eliminates congestion around equipment and manages patch cables;Maintains pair twist and allows the horizontal cable to remain intact up to the termination.
•Manufactured out of steel:Sturdy and durable.
•Maximum fill capacity using Category 6 cable is 48:One combination organizer recommended for every 48 ports.
•24 Plastic clips included :Can be installed on site, users preference (Not recommended to install when patch cords have strain relief boots).


Dimension Info
Height Metric: 89 mm
Width Metric: 483 mm
Rack Units: 2
Width U S: 19.00"
Height U S: 3.50"
General Info
Type: Organizers
Component Type: Front/Rear Organizer
Color: Black
Listing Agency Info
RoH S: Yes
Eco Information
RoHS Conformant: Yes
RoHS Conformant


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Front and Rear Organizer, 1.75"W x 1.75"D vertical rings front; rear rings 2.5" H x 1.62" D, 2 RU, OR-HFM-19-2SRC pdf
Front and Rear Organizer,  1.75" W x 1.75" D vertical rings front,  1 rack unit, OR-HFM-19-1SR