Pre-Terminated MTP Trunk Cable, 72 fibers, OS2 OR-TADPIMCZAZAXXXM


Ortronics trunk cables route information to the main distribution area (MDA) and zone distribution areas. The trunk cables are fully configurable, available with a variety of cable and connector combinations, including connector type, breakout configurations and jacket material. Each trunk can have multiple fiber connectors on either end and your choice of cable design in between. Ortronics trunk cables are available with most common fiber styles, with MTP, LC, SC connectors and more. These are representative configurations only; if you do not see what you are looking for here, please review the part number matrix within the brochure or contact Customer Service at 1.800.934.5432.


• Pre-terminated cable assembly: Eliminates costly field-termination time, resulting in lower installation costs and no cable or connector scrap.
• Factory-certified performance: Guarantees field-installed optical performance.
• Wide variety of cable and connector options: Allows for greater flexibilty when designing your network configuration.
• Ready to deploy on arrival: Faster installation and less time on the job site.


Connectorized Info
Connector Type End One: MTP (F) PC
Jacket Rating: UL OFNP Plenum
Cord Length Metric: 2
Cord Length U S: 3.28
Fiber Type: OS2
Connector Type End Two: MTP (F) PC
Dimension Info
Length Metric: 1
General Info
Category Performance Application: OS2
Cable Type: Microdistribution
Color Cable Jacket: Yellow
Number Of Ports: 72
Available Internationally: Yes
Listing Agency Info
RoH S: Yes
Technical Info
Equipment Type: Trunk Cable
Flammabillity Rating: UL OFNP Plenum
Fiber Capacity: 72
Performance Rating: Tier 2
Eco Information
RoHS Conformant: Yes
RoHS Conformant


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Pre-Terminated MTP Trunk Cable, OR-TADPIKCZAZAXXXM