Harness Assembly, A-B Polarity, 4 meters, Staggered Breakout Legs OR-63900071-003


Harness Assembly, 12-fiber, MPO(M)/LC Duplex, A-B Polarity, 50-micron LOMF, 4 meters, Staggered Breakout Legs

Ortronics harnesses are used to break out the MPO-fitted trunk cable into LC duplex connectors to plug directly into the active device. Each harness has a 12-fiber MTP*/MPO pinned (male) connector on one end and 6 duplex LC furcation tubes on the other. Each leg of the LC end can be either identical in length or each leg can be staggered 30mm (1.18”) longer than the tube before it; another way to minimize and manage excess cable slack.


• 12-fiber harness configuration: Enables evolutionary growth -- add a harness kit each time you add a blade.
• Various harness lengths: Allow flexibility in locating the MPO panel with respect to the SAN hardware.
• Smaller 12-fiber cable on the MPO end of the harness: Provides reduced cable congestion and cable bulk versus standard patch cords.
• Staggered LC legs reduce cable bulk: Facilitates cleaner cable management.
• Reduced cable congestion: Simplifies moves, adds and changes.


Connectorized Info
Finish End Two: Physical Contact-PC
Connector Type End One: MPO(M)
Jacket Rating: UL OFNP Plenum
Cord Length Metric: 4
Cord Length U S: 13.1
Fiber Type: 50LOMF
Connector Type End Two: LC Duplex
Finish End One: Physical Contact-PC
Dimension Info
Length Metric: 4
General Info
Cable Type: Harnesses
Color Cable Jacket: Aqua
Color: Aqua
Number Of Ports: 12
Available Internationally: No
Listing Agency Info
RoH S: Yes
Technical Info
Equipment Type: Trunk Cable
Flammabillity Rating: UL OFNP Plenum
Fiber Capacity: 12
Eco Information
RoHS Conformant: Yes
RoHS Conformant


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Harness Assembly, 12-fiber, MPO(M)/LC Duplex, A-A Polarity, 50-micron LOMF, 2 meters, OR-63900071-004 pdf
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