2 mm Zip Cord Standard Performance Laser Optimized (50/125) OM3 SC-PC TO SC-PC OFNR 2M OR-P0DF2LRFZFZ002M


2 mm duplex fiber optic zip cords are available using either 50-micron OM4, 50-micron OM3, or single-mode OS2 fiber. Standard configurations include LC-LC, SC-SC and SC-LC. Duplex zip cords include duplexing clips, either installed at the factory, or unassembled in the bag – your choice.


Connectorized Info
Finish End Two: Physical Contact-PC
Connector Type End One: SC
Jacket Rating: UL OFNR Riser
Fiber Type: OM3
Connector Type End Two: SC
Max Insertion Loss: 0.50 dB
Finish End One: Physical Contact-PC
Dimension Info
Length Metric: 2
Diameter U S: 2.0
General Info
Product Series: Infinium
Category Performance Application: OM3
Cable Type: Zip Duplex
Color: Aqua
Typical Applications: Multimode
Listing Agency Info
RoH S: Yes
Technical Info
Equipment Type: Patch Cords
Eco Information
RoHS Conformant: Yes
RoHS Conformant


Description Link
Customer CAD PDF
Fiber Cord Assy, Riser, 2mm, "A-B" Duples, 9/125, SM, 0.5 dB Max pdf
Premium Performance Laser Optimized (50/125) OM3 SC-PC to SC-PC OFNR