High Density Cable Manager OR-HDCM-001


The High Density Cable Manager was created to organize and protect connections to the High Density Panel. The cable manager can be combined with the cable management spools to manage excess slack. The cable manager can be used in conjunction with the cable management bar included with the patch panel.

  • Rear Mount: Mounts to back of patch panel
  • Velcro Tie-downs: Multiple velcro tie-down points for securing cables
  • Fiber Spool: Contains 2 fiber spools for improved fiber cable management


App Install Info
Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
Connectorized Info
Connector Type End One:
Connector Type End Two:
Dimension Info
Rack Units: 1
General Info
Color: Black
Available Internationally: Yes
Listing Agency Info
RoH S: Yes
Technical Info
Capacity: High Density
Equipment Type: Cable Manager
Bracket Required: No
Eco Information
RoHS Conformant: Yes
RoHS Conformant


Description Link
Customer CAD PDF
High Density Cable Manager pdf
High Density Fiber Rear Cable Manager