Mighty Mo Air Curtain, Hanging Vinyl Corner Panel, 110"H x 12"L OR-MMACNCP110X12


[DISCONTINUED] Mighty Mo Air Control products significantly reduce cooling requirements by creating a physical separation between the cold and hot air. They provide a contained supply of cold air to equipment, dramatically reducing active equipment energy consumption.

The Air Curtain containment system includes hanging panels, sliding doors and swinging doors – all designed to eliminate the mixing of hot and cold airflow.


Fire resistant vinyl panels hang from aluminum tracks mounted to the drop ceiling grid above the racks and cabinets: This forms a barrier between the hot aisle and cold aisle.
The aluminum tracks are connected to the ceiling grid by fusible links that release and drop to the floor when temperatures go above 135°: Ensures that the fire sprinkler pattern is not interrupted.
Sold in kits: Includes all necessary hangers, track and panels to cover your specific area.
The vinyl panels are the length of the aluminum track and overlap at the track seams: Creates one continuous partition.

To determine the size of the Hanging Vinyl Panel System required you will need the following measurements:

•Linear feet – this is the length of aluminum track needed to create a rectangle around the aisle to be contained. Kits are available from 1’ to 6’ long and can be connected to one another for larger installations.

• Drop down length (in inches) – this is the length of the vinyl panels from the aluminum track to the top of the racks and cabinets or floor. Available lengths are from 29” to 182” high.


Dimension Info
Length U S: 12"
Height U S: 110"
General Info
Installation Destination: Rack Level
Discontinued: Yes
Listing Agency Info
RoH S: Yes
Construction Info
Component1: Track - Material1: Aluminum, Finish_Plating1: Clear
Buy American Act Status: Buy American Act Compliant
Eco Information
RoHS Conformant: Yes
RoHS Conformant


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