Clarity 5E Shielded TracJack, T568A/B, 180 degree OR-TJS5E00


Clarity5E Shielded TracJack, T568A/B, 180o


• ETL Verified to Category 5e component standard
• Center tuned design
• Easy lace IDC housing
• Easy to follow universal wiring label
• Front removable
• Standard TracJack footprint
• Icon compatible, with 5E marking on jack face
• Dual reactance technolgy
• RoHS compliant


• Ensures standards compliance
• Transparent interface with Clarity5E shielded cords
• Reduces wiring time
• Quick, user-friendly, eliminates confusion
• Less intrusive access for adds, moves, changes
• Fits in all TracJack faceplates and housings
• Supports 606 designation requirements
• Enhances signal-to-ratio providing a nearly transparent signal path
• Lead free


Dimension Info
Depth Metric: 38.86 mm
Height Metric: 23.37 mm
Width Metric: 18.54 mm
Height U S: .92"
General Info
Category Performance Application: Cat5e/FTP Shielded
Performance Category: Cat 5e component compliant
Footprint: TracJack
Color: Metalized plastic
Listing Agency Info
RoH S: Yes
Technical Info
Wire Gauge: 22-26 AWG
Category Rating: Cat 5e component compliant
Performance Rating: Cat5e
Construction Info
Component1: TracJack Outer shield - Material1: Formed copper alloy, Finish_Plating1: Nickle plating 80 micro inches
Component3: Array of eight modular dual reactance contacts - Material3: Beryllium copper, Finish_Plating3: Nickel plating and a minimum of 50 micro inches of selective gold plating in contact area
Component4: IDC contacts (Low noise) - Material4: Phosphor bronze, Finish_Plating4: Nickel plating with tin over plate
Listing Agency Info
UL E131600
Country of Origin: MEXICO
Buy American Act Status: Trade Agreement Act Compliant
Eco Information
RoHS Conformant: Yes
RoHS Conformant


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Instruction Sheet
Clarity 5E Shielded TracJack, T568A/B, 180 degree, OR-TJS5E00 pdf
Customer Drawing No.
Clarity 5E Shielded TracJack, T568A/B, 180 degree, OR-TJS5E00 pdf
CAD Drawings
Clarity 5E Shielded TracJack, T568A/B, 180 degree, OR-TJS5E00 dwg
cat5e-shielded-TJ-patch-panel pdf
Product Environmental Profile
Ortronics® Shielded 110 Terminated Jacks pdf
Clarity 5E Shielded TracJack, T568A/B, 180 degree, OR-TJS5E00