Category 3 25-Pair Cable Assembly, M/Blunt, 25' OR-801025PX025-1GY


25-pair Category 3 Cable Assembly for data/LAN applications, single-ended male 50 (RJ21) connector, 24 AWG, solid conductors, gray PVC jacket.


• Factory terminated cables
• Category 3 performance
• Supported by a family of lengths and terminations
• 24 AWG solid copper construction


• Reduces installation time
• Supports voice or 10 Mbs data applications
• Supports a range of applications
• Can be cut and punched down on IDC fields


Connectorized Info
Pinning: Pin 1 to 1 standard 25-pair color code
Connector Type End One: 50-Pin telco connector - male
Jacket Rating: CMR/PVC
Cord Length U S: 25'
Connector Type End Two: Blunt cable end
Dimension Info
Diameter Metric: 8.7 mm
Length Metric: 7.62 m
Diameter U S: 0.34"
General Info
Cable Type: 25-Pair UTP Non Plenum
Color Cable Jacket: Gray
Termination: 50-Pin (RJ21) M/Blunt
Typical Applications: 10Base-T, Voice Equipment, Connectorized Blocks
Listing Agency Info
RoH S: Yes
Technical Info
Wire Gauge: 24 AWG
Ohm Value: 100 Ohm
Category Rating: Cat3
Performance Rating: Cat3
Construction Info
Component2: 50-Pin male telco connector (RJ21) - Material2: High strength copper alloy contacts| High impact Thermo Plastic housings and covers, Finish_Plating2: 30 Micro inches of gold over nickel plating in mating contact area
Listing Agency Info
UL E131600
Eco Information
RoHS Conformant: Yes
RoHS Conformant


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Customer Drawing No.
Category 3 25-Pair Cable Assembly, M/Blunt, 10', OR-801025PX010-1GY pdf
Category 3 25-Pair Cable Assembly, M/M, 15', OR-801025PP015-1GY pdf
CAD Drawings
Category 3 25-Pair Cable Assembly, F/Blunt, 10', OR-801025CX010-1GY dwg
Category 3 25-Pair Cable Assembly, M/Blunt, 5', OR-801025PX005-1GY