F-connector Keystone Module, 180 degree exit, F/F, (75 ohm), Fog White OR-KSFCN


Ortronics F-connectors are often used with RG-6 and RG-59 75 ohm coaxial cable to connect equipment supporting cable TV(CATV), satellite TV, close circuit TV(CCTV), and security cameras.


Designed for multiple coax cable styles: Accepts both push-style and screw-style.
75 Ohm F-connector:
Ideal for cable/satellite TV, cable modems, and security cameras.
TechChoice keystone footprint:
Fits in all TechChoice faceplates and housings.
Rear loading module:
Allows for termination before and during the construction process.
Integrates with Legrand | Wiremold:
Can be used in raceway, floor boxes, Poke-Thru, and work surface portals.


Dimension Info
Depth Metric: 22.23 mm
Depth U S: 0.875"
General Info
Product Series: Keystone
Type: Video
Footprint: Keystone
Color: Fog White
Number Of Ports: 1
Termination: Female to Female Coupler
Typical Applications: Cable TV(CATV), closed circuit TV (CCTV), satellite TV, security cameras, cable modems
Listing Agency Info
RoH S: Yes
Technical Info
Equipment Type: F-connector
Ohm Value: 75 Ohm
Connection Method: Accepts push-on or screw-on style coax cables
Performance Rating: 3GHz
Eco Information
RoHS Conformant: Yes
RoHS Conformant


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F-connector Keystone module, 180 degree exit, F/F, (75 ohm), Electrical Ivory, OR-KSFCN-13 pdf
F-connector Keystone module, 180 degree exit, F/F, (75 ohm), fog white, OR-KSFCN