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Connected Infrastructure combines our solutions, industry leading customer advocacy, design and support teams, for a comprehensive approach to your network. Through Connected Infrastructure, we deliver maximum performance, time savings, space optimization, superior customer experience and sustainability by design, to address your challenges, today and tomorrow.

5 Critical Elements

5 Critical Elements

Learn more about the five critical elements of connected infrastructure.

Benefits for your job

Benefits For Your Job

Discover how connected infrastructure can positively impact your career.

Customer Successes

Customer Successes

Explore how customers have benefited from connected infrastructure.

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The Benefits of Connected Infrastructure    
PerformanceMaximum Performance
With the overwhelming movement to virtualization and cloud infrastructure, the emphasis on throughput at the rack level is moving to a focus on the overall performance of the data center.


TimeTime Saving
With tight project deadlines and a shrinking number of data center staff, the ability to reduce time demands for common tasks provides increasing value.


High DensitySpace Availability
As the cost of major data center redesigns and changes skyrockets, the ability to optimize existing rack units, as well as vertical and horizontal space in the data center is critical.

ExcellenceCustomer Experience
Project deployment and ongoing management require an enhanced customer-vendor relationship. Having the right technical, design, installation and channel teams ensures that your data center is deployed flawlessly.


The data center is often a focal point for an organization’s ability to meet environmental and energy-reduction objectives. Meeting complex sustainability demands and goals can be a challenge for even the most experienced data center professionals.