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Ortronics provides capabilities and solutions to address the key business concerns facing today’s IT and Facility Managers.

Data centers are the foundations of enterprises, vital to the daily operation of the entire organization - they no longer simply store data. Virtualization, smart buildings, unified computing systems and cloud computing have combined to make the data center the neural hub of the company. Consequently, networks require greater security, storage capacity and more in-depth processing to support their expanded roles. These demands necessitate a holistic approach to data center design to ensure next generation technology compatibility, enable virtualization and maximize network availability.

Solutions for your business challenges

Cost of power

Cost of Power

The costs of data center power, cooling and real estate must be managed to maximize energy efficiency, while still improving operational efficiency.

Data growth

Data Growth

The explosive growth of data storage requires a strategy that expands capacity, while still aligning with an organization’s cost containment goals.

Network Performance

Network Performance

Network infrastructures need to be upgraded to meet not only current demands, but also anticipate the next generation of network requirements.

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